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Welcome to Inspiring History of ISACA Mumbai Chapter

It has been a glorious period of growth and expansion for the ISACA, Mumbai Chapter, right since its formation in the year 1996. In the year 1991, when Mrs. Shobha Hoskote decided to appear for the CISA examination, she had to travel all the way to Chennai to write her examination paper. It was then that she sincerely felt that if an examination center is started in Mumbai itself, it would be lot more beneficial to the aspiring candidates. She, therefore, gathered five interested colleagues to start an examination center in Mumbai. They started a study circle in her office to meet on every Saturday afternoon to revise the CISA examination syllabus. Thus the chapter started its activities in a very informal way in the year 1992. Over the years, more and more CISA aspirants started appearing for the examination. So it was decided to form a chapter at Mumbai. The activity that started in a very small way, formally received a chapter status in the year 1996. Naturally, Madam Hoskote was the right leader to head the chapter in its early years. During her tenure, the chapter received an award ofr more than 100% growth in membership.

After leading the chapter as a President for the first two years, she handed over the baton to another dedicated member of the chapter since 1995, Mr. Avinash Kadam. Mr. Kadam identified that there were major challenges in front of the chapter such as – gaining strength in terms of strong membership, securing recognition for IS Audit profession and achieving International recognition for the chapter. Mr. Kadam set these as objectives in front of him. With the help of dedicated colleagues he achieved the first objective by starting CISA study courses for the aspiring candidates. The confident team, then proceeded further and contacted various governmental and semi-governmental bodies for giving presentations and explaining the role of CISAs to them. A reward came in the form of recognition of CISA as a qualification for carrying out Information System Audit work. Mr. Kadam achieved the third objective as well by conducting an International conference viz. ASIA – CACS in Mumbai in the year 2000, which drew a participation of around 255 both from our own country as well as from International circle.

Thereafter the chapter has been led by distinguished members such as Mr. Anantha Sayana (year 2000-01), by Mr. M.S.V. Rao (year 2001-02), by Mr. Haridas Raigaga (years 2002-03 and 2003-04), and by Mr. Shashin Lotlikar in the year 2004-05. Each one of these leaders has added feathers in the chapter’s cap and has helped steer the chapter to its present position. Later it was the turn of Mr. Venugopal Iyengar as the President of the Chapter during 2005-06 and the chapter received Best Chapter Award during this year among the very large chapters category. Mr. Anjay Agrawal became the President in the following year i.e. 2006-07 and the glorious tradition of winning awards continued. This time the Chapter won the Best Chapter in the World in the very large chapter category.

During all these years, the chapter received a number of awards such as a large chapter in Asia award, excellent growth award, website award, newsletter award, a very large chapter award, best chapter award and so on. In fact, some of the awards have been won multiple times. Today, the annual conference, which the chapter conducts every year, has become a very prestigious and important event, which chapter members look forward to. The chapter conducts monthly lecture meetings as part of continuing professional education. Stalwarts in industry as well as distinguished members are invited to conduct these meetings which are very well attended by the members. The chapter not only conducts CISA review courses but also conducts CISM review course every year. In fact these courses are conducted twice every year now as the examinations are held twice. Among the various chapters world over the results of the Mumbai chapter have been consistently good. The chapter is also planning to conduct review course for the new CGEIT examination of ISACA. All the past presidents continue to provide their valuable advice to the chapter from time to time.

As Mr. Anantha Sayana proudly says the chapter today has vibrant membership, dynamic leadership and financial strength.

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